Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. This blog will discuss the reading, lectures and current events that have taken place over the semester.

During the first week of classes, the readings were to cover chapter 7: The Post Television Audience from Dr. Strangelove’s book entitled, “Watching Youtube”.

From the reading some important statements and arguments made were:

“Audiences are watching and interpreting Youtube videos not just as passive viewers but as active commentators and as producers of their own videos” -158

“Semiotic guerrilla warfare describes the challenge to the corporate control of culture that a truly active audience represents.” -159

“Capitalism’s contradiction arises out of the economic and structural necessity of massified behaviour and the equally important need to foster individual freedom as a source for creative innovation.” 160

“Online appropriations have the power to alter our experience of television shows and movies. The domain of commercial production is coming under the influence of amateur cultural production.” 162

“Amateur video has a vital role to play in the decolonization of the mass audience.” 165

During course registration period, I was dreading to have to take a “New Media” class, because I figured I would know everything the professor were to mention, especially since I spend most of my days using elements of New Media. I was also dredding it because I took a mass communications course before at another university and hoped that it wouldn’t be that exact same thing. As with the previous mass communications course I took two years ago, we had to make a blog, a blog which I still have today. http://www.amandaburnett.blogspot.com

One thing that I really appreciate about the class so far is Mr. Strangelove’s ability to connect New Media technologies with how it affects human behaviour, for better or for worse. For example, in class Mr. Strangelove made a connection between the increase use of cellphones and its affordability to the increase in adolescent sexual behaviour.