During the second week of New Media class, with Dr. Strangelove, the student were responsible for chapter 1, of the book entitled, “Watching Youtube”.

“The mass participation in online videomaking is already having an effect on the way events are recorded and remembered and deserves an important position in all areas of the human sciences.” 25

“…the postmodern condition in which the Youtube generation lives, a condition defined by fragmentation, the decay of shared social orders, and the indeterminacy of meaning, which suggests that we may find both cultural  patterns and cultural fragmentation within online videos. 26”

On page 29 when Mr. Strangelove discusses videos on youtube of young men engaging in copycat behaviour. Such as vomiting, or doing dangerous stunts for fun or for attention, he neglected to mention that those type of videos were kickstarted by a MTV series called, “Jackass”. It depicted a group of young males doing dangerous outrageous stunts and really gross things on an amateur video camera. However this program was shown on television. I believe this show was a huge inspiration and influence to many “YouTubers” who engage in that type of behaviour. A key argument in this chapter is that amateur videos challenge assumptions of appropriate behaviour.

“…Mass involvement of amateurs in the production of moving images may help to undermine Hollywood’s legitimation of key institutions .” 30

“The internet promotes conditions of increased misunderstandings and misinterpretations because cultural objects such as home movies, are ‘disembodied from their point of origin and production.” 31

This was demonstrated in class, when Dr. Strangelove showed an image at some form of townhall meeting and there was a picture of Osama Bin Laden, and behind Osama Bin Laden was Bernie from Sesame Street.