Diaries-Video Diaries and Self Presentation

Confession used to occur mostly in an institutional context such as the law or church. Previously it was done towards authority. Confession is important as a normalizing process where one repents what you did because it doesn’t fit in with societies expectations. The internet is deinstitutionalizing confession by removing the authority factor from it. It is releasing the abnormal.

As the internet releases the abnormal, the way that we construct what is real in society is changing.  The more real vs. the more constructed. The unitary self vs. authentic pluralism.

When we create new contexts we create new opportunities for the self to emerge.

John Bodrillard: The death of meaning, losing touch with the real and the hyperreal.

Fictionality of theory and the factuality of everyday life. We often mistake our ideas for reality itself. What we think is true might actually not be, a perfect example are generalizations and stereotypes of others. We are also concerned with the individual structures which influence our lives. The internet is possibly changing peoples perception on reality because if we change the medium, the message is changed.

It is bad that 39% of kids think information online is always correct. Because anyone can publish anything online. And it is possible that there are going to be further implications in the future, with the new generation of children online.