The Place of Women in New Media

Throughout history, women have been considered a subordinate group. There is a hierarchy in colour and gender in all societies. We live in a patriarchical culture where men are dominant. White men contain most of the wealth and power within almost every aspect of our society. In terms of media, White men are most of the directors and screenwriters, the producers and CEO’s. A man gets paid more money for doing the same exact work as his female counterpart. Here in Canada a woman makes .70 cents to every dollar that a man makes. There are clear discrepancies of equality and oppression facing women and minorities in everyday life.

The media does an overall good job in reflecting the attitudes and socialization of our societies. The media objectifies and is misogynistic towards women. According to Bell Hooks who is a Black feminist, she argues the misogynist men and white male supremacists work to maintain their own position. I completely agree with this as well, I work for the government and one of my white male co-workers wouldn’t fill out the self-disclosure form because he believes it discriminates against “the white male”. Like give me a break, and get over your own insecurites.

I believe that human beings are products of their society, so that if young girls are taught to act and behave in certain ways, they are likely to do it. It is also a normalization process, for example if you live in a certain culture where it is common for women to become nurses as opposed to doctors, you will have more women aiming to become nurses. Not because they are not intelligent enough to become doctors, but because they are doing what is expected of them.

In Youtube, some women act toward the objectification of women, and other women fight against it. There are some women who make videos on Youtube where they are naked or almost naked, and are objectifying themselves in hopes of attracting the male gaze. While you have other women who are probably more educated, and fight for women’s empowerment in society. Youtube becomes a dialogic medium where people are able to combat each other’s opinions on a women’s place in society. A woman’s self-identity is being defined by the culture.

We use videos to challenge the dominant meaning and also to reinforce them. The representation of everyday life is reflected in everyday media. There is a new meaning system where meanings will come from the internet. As well as the internet knowledge gained off sites like Youtube, reflect your average person, recanting their actual opinions, it is usually not scripted, so it reflects the actuality of what a person’s thoughts are. As opposed to the censorship seen on television, or on television there is a tendency to say things that are politically correct so as not to offend people.