New Media and Publicity vs. Privacy

We like to be watched for publicity and we like to watch others, even if that means invading their privacy. 91% of children have a presence online by the time of two. When watching the videos of Miley while we were in class, and watching the video of the woman giving birth on YouTube, I was quite disturbed. It is difficult for me to comprehend why a woman would feel it was necessary to film herself giving birth and post that to the whole world. What happened to the wanting of one’s privacy. I do understand that giving birth is a natural process, however I think it can be agreed that filming and posting it online is unnatural. I am also very concerned for Miley and for this new trend of parents posting everything about their children online. In my opinion they are making it much easier for someone to abduct their children. As well as giving a million suspects the ability to have enough knowledge to lure their children away.

Miley and her parents are creating videos that can be used in the future by sociologists, historians and researchers about child rearing practices of our time, and the sociolization practices of our time. Through the videos of Miley growing up, the acquisition of skills are showed. This could be a general reflection of our society, of how parents try to keep their children competitive. It also reflects different social classes and their child rearing practices. More talking and conversations with children will lead to better vocabulary development and thus smarter children.

In terms of privacy, new social media programs reduce our privacy. For example Facebook gives you the option of posting your job history, your city (past and current), date of birth, the highschools and universities you attended, your relatives on Facebook, who you are in a relationship with, your sexual orientation,  and what you look like. It makes things like identity fraud much easier, and it makes it much easier for people to find out any kind of information about you. As you post your photos, people are able to see what you look like, where you shop, where you vacation, who your friends are and the group you hang out with.  It makes it quite simple for anyone to find things out about you. Or even where to turn if they require more information. Another thing is that I remember when the Elliot Spitzer scandal broke a few years back. Newspapers went on the Facebook page of the call girl, stole her photos and published them on the front page of newspapers. If the girl didn’t have a Facebook page, the media wouldn’t have had access to photos to identify her, or would have needed the help of paparazzi’s. As well as should there be something in place that makes the stealing of photos off facebook, especially for malicious purposes or for profit illegal?