Corporate Control

In the political economy, there is a corporate attempt to control amateur cultural production. For example when you put a video on Youtube that may contain some lyrics or images from a corporate entity, your video may be removed because it is considered to go against copyright law. However what about the rights of fair use?

Media has the biggest influence on cultural production. Thus there is a control by the power elites of society, and the power holders decide what people will believe and how they should act. As Karl Marx said, “the people who own the means of production, also control the production of ideas”.

Social media has challenged corporate media, and there is now two competing systems for the attention of the masses.

Our values and actions correspond to the needs of the political system. They perpetuation of the status quo and inequality is maintained in the social structure.

When I heard this lecture I thought about black people and black identity, most specifically in North America, or the United States of America. For example the Power holders such as Viacom which now own B.E.T. which stands for Black Entertainment Television; Continuously plays videos on repeat which show the “thug life” or “gangster culture”, and are constantly “pimping out” black women. For example if your a child and you grow up watching that stuff on a daily basis and you come from a poor background, there is a high likelihood that you are going to strive to live like how the people on t.v. live, especially the ones who you feel you can relate to. These people are seen as rolemodels because viewers feel that they went through similar struggles. Overall the message that the media sends black youth, in my opinion promotes their oppression within modern society. If they showed a lot more black people on t.v. who were successful and overcame their oppression through education, I think you would start to see more black people raising their socio-economic status, and then the dominating perceptions and stereotypes of non-blacks towards blacks would also change.