Control of Representation

Whomever controls the media system controls the representation of the message.You get your message of who you are through the media and how they portray how a particular type of person should behave. For example the mafia or homosexuals, or black male youth (ganster hiphop culture), or blonde haired youthful girls (preppy Paris Hilton). As mentioned in class it tells gay people how to act stereotypically gay. For example, the change in voice or the bending of the wrist when walking, or the linguistics which should be used. It is also totally branded. For example assumptions are made about a person based on what they wear. For example the sterotypical Paris Hilton type, will wear seemingly high fashion clothing, with sunglasses and possibly carry a small dog in their purse.

Society gives us the myth of freedom, by offering so many different options. However there is a lot of freedom you don’t have. For example you can wear whatever you want in certain places, but you will have consequences or repercussions or won’t be treated as well. Therefore you don’t have true freedom.

If you arn’t represented in the media, than you don’t exist.

There is a representation of the media and power. Control of the representation is control over the social order.

There are categories in the social order and society classifies them. In the social order there are always things that don’t fit and are seen as dangerous. The anomaly is the place where things can happen. The internet is an anomaly, and represents things that usually don’t fit. The internet has the potential of destructing or disrupting the social order, by normalizing things that weren’t seen as normal.

At the same time in my opinion the normalization process is natural with the evolution of human society, with or without the internet. For example in the past women didn’t work, now it is normal for women to work, and that occured without the help of the internet.