Amateur Videographic Representation of Politics, Religion, and Warfare

There is a war for people’s minds. There is a massive fragmentation of the audience, which is a problem for ideology, or a public that all thinks or knows the same information. In the mid-20th century the audience had unity and saw the same content and message consumption.

The internet fragements us and capitalism and the state must find a way to continue to influence public opinion.

The media portrays the interests of private companies, as if they are our interests. For example profit driven initiatives such as oil, are being marketed as being good for the public, despite the dangers that are caused.

Youtube also shows wars between different ideologies, for examples Christians vs. Atheists. There are also race wars. As well as political wars. On YouTube the audience tends to say really crude and offensive things, because they are hiding behind their computer screens, so their anonymity protects them.