Capitalism and the Limits of Thought

We live in a commodified culture. Where there is a standardization of thought and behaviour. Capitalism causes inequality. And those who control the capitalist system or at the top of the system control the means of production and the production of meaning. As human beings we are wrought through with internal influences, which influences our behaviour and our decision-making capabilities.

The conservative corporate practice is exerting a disproportionate influence on the social order.

We are compelled to act by the parameters of context in the social system. For example the ritual exchange of the diamond ring which was created  by the marketplace.

The media communicates ideological messages to product consumption. Ideology is never uncontested within society.

The media and economic and anthropology theory connotates that there is severe levels of thought posed on individuals. These condition they type of choices we are going to make. Society works with the conditions of our desires.