Capitalism and the Limits of Thought-The future of the television audience

Capitalism depends on the control of meaning and the way we think about things.

The domain of the ideological and the domain of the digital. The digital form is the most challenged.

In terms of capitalism and the limits of thought Republicans get poor people to vote for them even if it is against their own interests. They are able to influence people that their method of how the market and capitalism works, will work for them, instead of the thinking that taxing the rich and the multimillion dollar corporations are in their best interests.

There is a relationship between technology, law and the market. The corporations and government are trying to diminish property rights. For example soon it will be that you don’t own the software that you purchase, you rent it, and it forever belongs to the corporation. It is about decreasing consumer rights and increasing corporate rights over property.

The corporations, government and the law are trying to control us at the same time that our behaviour spirals out of control with the internet, by mass criminalization.

The internet transforms private property into public property.

There are many attempts to control the internet and control property such as music and software online, however those attempts are futile because people are reluctant to pay for things they receive online. Also the marketplace will go where the consumer goes.