System of Value Creation

Every idea has a history. For example the idea of global warming, approximately 98 % say it is caused by man.

Decommodified cultural production:

If we have any hope, our hope lies in a new mode of production. If not, we will destroy the world, with our mass use of consumption, and in the way we abuse the earth and its resources.

Some people believe that the future of internet is normalization and a mirror of the 20th century audience. The belief is that the internet just like all other communication technology would be highly controlled by corporations.

Facebook allows us to be out of control and they have dominated the market because they work for a dynamic that is out of control. Group conversation is a threat. Expressive freedom interferes with social control. The internet can be envisioned as a new public sphere. However the problem with the internet, is that although it allows free speech and a forum where many positive things can be said or done, it also gives the opportunity for a lot of negative people to express their opinions. It also gives an very public outlet for the stupid, ignorant and the poisonous groups in society to gather and recruit more members and spew nonsense.

There are also attempts to commodify non-market activity.