The Gutenberg printing press is revolutionary to mass communication. The printing press allowed mass production of literary materials. The Printing press also allowed acces to knowledge outside of the dominant.This contributed to the marketplace of shared knowledge.

Today is similar to the middle ages because we have a marketplace that controls the production of ideas and we have cultural heresys. These cultural heresys are alwasy challenging the centre of power.

The centre of power tries to control beliefs and censors out many ideas. The new media system of the internet, reinforces power and allows the hectic to speak out.

The media system shows the normative debate and the struggle between left and right values that are predetermined. The media mediates the opinions of the elite and previously before the internet age, only the elite had access to define our values, and everyone else was on the periphery. And in the beginning capitalism and media had a way of producing shared culture because everyone watched the same shows, so all viewed and were exposed to the same things.

In this postmodern world, there is a breakdown of the centre, because the web opens up a number of contenders that combats the stabalizing of meanings. the internet releases the freedom of expression and is uncensored. There is a lot of fragmentation, so it is much harder for powerholders to impose their views on everyone .