Chapter 6

When discussing this chapter in class we focused on Noam Chomsky’s and Herman’s Manufacturing Consent/ Propaganda Model. I previously read the model in my political communiction’s class and used the model as a case study for how the media dealt with the U.S. war in Iraq.

As said in class, News is the fifth estate. And one cannot have democracy without a free press. In class Professor Strangelove said, that Chomsky said “Democracy is a tyranny state because it gives the semblance of freedom. But the power elite still have power”. However, when I read that article, I think Chomsky just meant to say that Propaganda is possible in a democratic state, however it is just harder to see.

So the news produces an audience to advertisers and defines the situation. The corporate news system creates the public opinion or even as some might say a public sphere of some sort.

The internet has created corporate news plus two billion.